Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dancing goes on at these events?

Many of the dances feature a wide variety of types of dancing while others focus on just one or a limited number of dance types. It varies greatly depending on the particular event, so please read the descriptions in the dance calendar. There's everything from Freestyle, Disco, Rock and Roll dancing, to Swing, Country, Ballroom, Latin and more.

These events all sound interesting, but I don’t know how to dance. Can I still attend?

We were all beginners at one time! Many of these dances have a pre-dance lesson to help beginners learn some of the basic steps. Also, many of the dances are produced by dance instructors or dance studios, who offer a variety of lessons that you can find out about by clicking the links. If a dance sounds interesting to you, be brave and give it a try!

I use your dance calendar every week. Can I make a donation to help out with this volunteer effort?

Compiling and writing up all this information takes a significant amount of time and energy. If you enjoy and find value in using this dance calendar and would like to make a contribution to support this effort, Ron will gladly accept and appreciate it. Just click here to go to the Support the Dance Calendar page.

How do you choose which dances to list on the calendar?

First of all, since this is a voluntary effort, dances are listed at the sole discretion of Ron Bolin. Generally the aim is to list information that will be of interest to people who receive the weekly dance emails. We find out about a new dance when someone (usually the dance organizer, sometimes just a dancer who wants their favorite dance listed) informs Ron about an upcoming or ongoing dance, and provides all the relevant information. Occasionally we run across an event flyer or dance information online. If it fits into the general requirements of the calendar, we may list it. As of 2010, dance promoters pay a small fee for listing to assist with the upkeep of the calendar.

What are the requirements for being listed in the calendar?

In order to keep this manageable there are some restrictions. Events must be in the Puget Sound area and must have at least two hours of general dancing (not counting instruction). All events must be open to the general public (if it is a club event and you have to be signed in by a member, we will not list it). As a courtesy we ask that the event info be submitted in the format requested. There is a small fee for listing dances. (See “I am organizing a dance” below.)

I frequently go to a lounge or a dance that has a great DJ or band … how come it’s not listed?

You are welcome to direct the dance promoter or lounge manager to this web site. There is now a small fee for listing events, to assist with the ongoing upkeep of the calendar.

Why are there no Folk dances listed?

Although we include a wider variety of dances and more up-to-date event info than any other dance website or email, we just can’t include everything! Contra Dances, Square Dances and other types of Folk dances are not usually listed because we have to draw the line somewhere in order to do a good job of covering what we do. Also there are space limitations especially in the email. Ron wishes success for the promoters of these dances… He’s even done some Contra and Square dancing himself!

I am organizing a dance and I want to have it listed in the calendar. How can I submit my info?

First, please be sure your dance fits into the overall intent of this calendar:

  1. Dancing is the main focus of the event and the actual dance portion is at least two hours.
  2. The dance is open to the public.
  3. The dance is being held in the Puget Sound area.
  4. The info is submitted at least three weeks prior to the event.
  5. As a courtesy we ask that the event info be submitted in the format requested.

If your dance or event fits into this framework, please contact Ron at and he will email you all the details and the fee schedule.

Ron also offers a Headliner option, especially for events that don’t fit the requirements, such as dance cruises, dance exhibitions and competitions, dance camps, dance lessons without a dance, and other events. Please contact Ron for more info on this option.

I noticed a mistake on the dance calendar. Where do you get the info for the listings?

We do our best to verify all the info for each dance, but mistakes do happen. We get the info either from dance organizers who send us information, visiting the web sites of dance studios and dance teachers, or getting info off of flyers. Occasionally the information on some of our source web sites is not updated in a timely manner… so we do the best we can with the info we have. Then, of course, sometimes we just goof up! We do recommend that you verify a dance, especially if you plan to attend for the first time or are driving a long ways. If you notice that we are listing incorrect contact info or other details for an ongoing dance, please let us know and we will correct it.